Cricket - SINGLE


Maximum support shoe insert
For patients with fully correctable foot positions, and mild to moderate low tone pronation or supination.

Right or Left:


Please consult your practitioner before adding these options to your order. Each modification is specially designed and should only be chosen when needed. If you do not see a modification that you would like, please contact our Customer Support Team at 800.848.7332.


Product Information

Key Features

  • Partial-wrap inner line cups heel, supports arches, and contains midfoot
  • Trimline is below top edge of shoe
  • Solid outer foundation provides additional support and heel stabilization
  • Wide size range, fit to measure
    • Widths: Wide and Narrow
    • Sizes: 4.00 - 9.00 in. (.25-in increments)
  • For more product information, visit the Cricket product page on

If you would like a different size, width or modification per foot, please order as single inserts.

Sizing Jig (PDF)

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