Frequently Asked Questions


Can parents order Fast Fit products directly?
Yes! That's why you're here.

Looking for Knit-Rite socks?
You'll find them at

Is it better to go through an orthotist when ordering Fast Fit products?
If you are working with one now, an orthotist can add value by giving you advice on measuring and evaluating bracing needs. This is especially important when you aren't sure which product is the best solution for your child's needs. A physical therapist can also be a helpful professional when considering FastFit products.

If you are comfortable with your choices, you can order directly.

If I'm not going through insurance, do I need a prescription to order Fast Fit products?
If you don't need reimbursement, you can simply order a Fast Fit product with your credit card. No prescription is needed unless you want insurance reimbursement.

Please note that the prefabricated shoe inserts sold on this eStore (HotDog, PattiBob, Chipmunk, and Cricket) are generally not covered by insurance.

Will Cascade Dafo bill my insurance for items purchased on
The prefabricated shoe inserts sold on this eStore (HotDog, PattiBob, Chipmunk, and Cricket) are generally not covered by insurance.

Please note that Cascade Dafo  does not bill insurance companies. If you’d like your insurance billed, DO NOT place an order in Instead, consult your practitioner.

What is the difference between the Chipmunk and the Cricket, and when would you choose one over the other?
The main difference is the materials used: Cricket has two layers of thin plastic v. the Chipmunk with a thin plastic base inlaid with layers of foam contouring and a fabric liner. Sizing options is another differentiating point: the Cricket currently goes up to only size 9.00, whereas the Chipmunk goes up to size 10.75. When deciding between the two inserts, it's a matter of personal preference of materials and sizing requirements.

Can my child wear regular shoes with Fast Fit shoe inserts?
Yes! They usually fit into the shoe the child is currently using or one size larger.


Does the size mean shoe size?
No. Fast Fit product sizes are inch measurements. For best results, measure using our paper sizing jig. Be sure to measure each foot: both length and width.

Can I size Fast Fit products without a sizing jig?
Yes. Stand the child on a piece of paper (in weight bearing) and trace the feet. Then mail (don't scan or fax) that tracing, or measure the length of the traced foot (adding ¼ to ½ in. for growth) and order that size.


What is the full (90-day) warranty?
Our prefabricated devices are guaranteed for fit, materials and workmanship for ninety (90) days beginning fourteen (14) days after the date of shipment. During that time, at our sole option, we will replace the brace or insert if a problem exists. The ninety (90) day warranty period is meant to allow ample time for fitting and troubleshooting. If the device is being delivered by a medical practitioner, we recommend scheduling the fitting appointment within the first two weeks after receipt of the device.

Abuse, undue rough wear, or loss voids the warranty. This includes not wearing shoes over braces, and/or destruction from outside sources such as heat, cold, impact or undue abrasion beyond normal wear and tear.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State.

If a problem exists that requires Cascade to repair or replace the brace during the warranty period, please notify our Customer Support staff prior to taking any action. After gathering specific information on the problem(s) experienced, we will determine the most efficient course of action to remedy the problem, and direct you on any action you may need to take.

You can reach Customer Support by email at or by telephone at: 800-848-7332 (Intl: +00 1 360 543 9306).

Fit and Wear

Should I remove the existing insoles in the shoe before using a Fast Fit shoe insert?
Yes. Sometimes they simply lift out. Or there may be glue holding them in place. A little help from the straight end of a screwdriver can separate the glue from the insole. In rare cases, the insole is well stitched into place and cannot be removed. When that happens, try loosening the laces and placing the JumpStart on top of the insole.

What do I do if my child is having problems with a Fast Fit product?
Describe your problem to us. You can email us at customersupport@dafo.comor call 800.848.7332.

My child is allergic to latex. Can she use these products?
Yes. All of our materials and processes for the Fast Fit line are latex-free.

The JumpStart fits well, but the toe shelf is too long. It sticks out way beyond the child’s toes. What can I do?
It’s normal to trim the toe shelf to fit. Have the child stand in weight bearing and look at the end of the toes. Put a finger down to add room for growth (1/4-in. to 1/2-in.). For more, see Donning a JumpStart.

Can I extend the toe shelf of a JumpStart?
If the toe shelf on a JumpStart you just received is too short, please send it back for a larger size.

If your child has had the JumpStart for a while and has had a growth spurt, and the toes now extend beyond the toe shelf, first consider buying a larger sized JumpStart. Though you can extend toe length, a longer foot usually means a larger foot. JumpStarts are carefully proportioned for the necessary volume and stability in each size, and if the foot is bigger, the contours and edges of the product may not line up as well as they should.

To extend the toe shelf, use duct tape. (It comes in all colors now, including white.) Sandwich the toe shelf between two layers of duct tape sticky side up and two layers of tape sticky side down. Then trim to the desired length. This might buy you enough time to keep your child in JumpStarts while you consider ordering the next size.

When should I put a toe rise on a JumpStart?
When toe clenching is a problem, a toe rise may help a high tone foot to relax. It can add to full plantar surface contact when trying to increase proprioception. It can also extend the length of a brace, though duct tape also works well for this.

How should I clean the JumpStarts?
Use mild soap and water; air dry.

End of Wear Cycle

How long do JumpStarts last?
Usually about one year or until your child has outgrown them.

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