What's Fast Fit?

No Casting Needed Fast Fit products provide affordable orthotic solutions for patients who present with instability during weight-bearing. Cascade Dafo, Inc. developed this alternative to casting for custom orthoses for children with fully correctible foot alignment in need of flexible support.

The Fast Fit Advantage The Fast Fit alternative to casting is revolutionary.

  • No casting needed. For a speedy solution without the complication of casting, Fast Fit products offer more choices for growing children.
  • A low-cost alternative. For mild to moderate gait problems, Fast Fit products are an inexpensive option to custom orthoses.
  • Easy to measure. Measure the size you need with a plastic foot sizing jig or our printable foot sizing jig. Size measurements are based upon foot length, not shoe size.
  • Stability in standing and walking. For early intervention, Fast Fit products provide a continuous progression from minimal to moderate levels of support.

A Steadier Gait Observed results include:

  • Balanced foot alignment during weight bearing.
  • Increased stability/skills in standing and walking.
  • Increased voluntary control.

Looking for the above-ankle JumpStart Leap Frog, Bunny, or Kangaroo? Please call our Customer Support team at 800.848.7332 or email customersupport@dafo.com.

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